Common ground

This is Dover, N.J., July 7, 1983, but the essence of the image, I think, transcends the specifics of time and place and technological details to strike a universal chord; an experience that many of us have shared in different times and different places. For me, it began with beetle-browed CNR Northerns and olive green Hudsons on the platform at Kitchener; zebra-striped Baldwin-Westinghouse steeple cabs under the 1500-volt catenary of CP Electric Lines, and Mikes and Pacifics with "Canadian Pacific" spelled out on their tenders passing the station at Galt and labouring up Orr's Lake hill with drag freights and Tuscan red passenger trains. And you?

Boys on bikes watching NJT westbound arrival yarding train.

NJT 4117  F40PH