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NYC September 1978

Springsteen at the Palladium on E. 14th Street: $9.50 list; $65.00 on the street outside. And worth every cent!

Any excuse to go to New York is a good one in my book, and 36 years ago today (September 16, 1978), I had a pretty good excuse to be in the city: Springsteen's three-night stand at the Palladium. I purposely stayed in a shithole hotel in Hell's Kitchen and scored scalper tickets for the show on the 15th. My notes, complete with a set list scribbled in the darkened theatre, recall that Bruce opened the show with a dedication "For Muhammad Ali in New Orleans tonight," and closed the 24-song set with an incredible -- and extended -- version of Gary U.S. Bonds "Quarter to Three" that carried on long after a threatened "That's all there is New York, there ain't no more!" It was long past midnight when the house lights finally came up and the amps were turned down. I took the long way back to the hotel after the show. New York was wilder in those days and tales of the body in the bar I stopped into for a drink and other adventures are better told over a beer or two. I didn't take a camera to the concert, but I did have a Nikon slung on my shoulder for the rest of the time.

Queensboro Plaza, IRT. September 16, 1978.

NJDOT 4884, Sunnyside, September 16, 1978.

Amtrak 4896 departing Penn Station, NYC, September 16, 1978.

E60C No. 956 hurries out of town with an afternoon Clocker. September 16, 1978.

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