Another day in Dairyland

I've got a time machine beside my desk. It says Epson V750 Pro on the side, but it's a time machine all the same. There are no warning labels on it, but having the V750 and the database containing my notes and photo files in close proximity is a dangerous combination. At least it is if like me you're easily prone to distraction. One wrong keystroke and I'm lost in the past.

That's just what happened this morning. I checked today's date in my files and before I knew it, the Wayback machine had whisked me back to 1992 and a summertime visit with friends in Milwaukee and environs. So the Epson whirred away for a couple pleasant hours as I worked through a stack of Kodachromes exposed on August 27, 1992. The photographs in those familiar 2x2 mounts transported me to a another time; a time when GP7s, GP30s, and cabooses were commonplace and Wisconsin Central was king of the regionals; back to a trackside lunch at Duplainville with friends. The images aren't artful or even memorable, but they capture a time and place. And that's exactly what I aspired when I first picked up a camera more nearly 50 years ago.

WC 707 tied up in downtown Waukesha, Wisc., August 27, 1992

Lunch at Duplainville: first on the menu was the local with SOO 403, three cars and a caboose.

WC 4012 sprints toward the lunch crowd at Duplainville with hotshot No. 220.

Lunch crowd at Duplainville.

Minutes later, GP40s 3025 and 3009 hustle piggybacker No. 221 over the road.

Work train with WC 713 and three water cars shadows the Pandrol-Jackson rail-grinding train at Slinger.

Water train creeping along behind the rail-grinder at Slinger.

Grinding past the old Storck brewery in Slinger.

 Pandrol-Jackson RMS13 grinding through Slinger.

Pandrol-Jackson RMS13 grinding through Slinger.

GP30 and water on tap, holding at the diamond by the abandoned Storck brewery.

Storck Brewery, Slinger, Wisc.

Storck Brewery, Slinger, Wisc.