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Highlight of the day

Royal Canadian Pacific at Lobo, Ontario: how could a day get better than this?

The highlight of the day was supposed to be westbound CP business train 40B-25 out of London. And so it should have been. After all, what could possibly improve a day topped by an A-B-A of maroon-and-grey Fs and a train composed primarily of Royal Canadian Pacific heavyweights? Not much, I'd have said after we watched CP 4107 West glide through Lobo in all its splendour. 

But that was before we got word over dinner that Ontario Southland had lashed together three of its Alco/MLW S-series switchers to work the afternoon Cami job. We hurried east and got to Ingersoll in time to watch OSR S6 No. 500 and S13s 501 and 502 lift a long train of auto racks from a siding alongside the CN main and lug them over the connecting track to the St. Thomas Sub. 

It takes a lot to top an A-B-A of Fs, but a trio of hard-working, tough-talking inline-six Alco 251s can do it.

After dinner, a serving of 251s for dessert: OSR S6 No. 500 and S13s 501 and 502 dig in to lift a long train of auto racks from the CN connection at Ingersoll.

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