Danny Doyle

Danny Doyle was one of the good ones. A soft-spoken, hard-working, no nonsense railroader with a big heart and old-school honour. Every Saturday he made his ritual track patrol on the CP Galt Sub from Woodstock to Galt, Ontario and return aboard his trusty Woodings motorcar. I saw Danny frequently through the years, he always seemed to have time -- or to make time -- for a chat. Unfortunately, rarely took photographs during our encounters. But I made an exception on a snowy February Saturday at the Galt station in 1986.

Danny Doyle and Extra 4203 West, the London Pickup. Galt, Ont. 1986-02-01

Danny Doyle preparing to return west after the London Pickup passes. Galt, Ont., February 1, 1986.

Roll-by. Danny Doyle looks over the London Pickup as it passes Galt, Ont., on February 1, 1986.