It all comes down to this

I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t fascinated by anything and everything with steel wheels on steel rails: no matter if those wheels were rolling slowly over the heavy, high-polished steel of Cajon Pass, or making 125 mph on the Northeast Corridor, or Britain’s West Coast Main Line, or negotiating the spindly steel of a narrow-gauge branch line in the Harz Mountains in Germany, or clattering over rails set into the cobblestone streets of Zürich. I’ve spent a lifetime trying in vain to find the words to explain the fascination.

Where words fail, perhaps a single image might suffice; maybe this one, from yesterday in Stratford, of the incongruous meeting of a worn wheel of a tired SD40-2 and the rusted rails of the last surviving segment of the otherwise abandoned Drumbo Sub. It all comes down to this:

Stratford, Ontario, October 10, 2014